Grounds Worker

This position performs basic grounds maintenance work using hand tools, walk-behind and riding motorized equipment. Responsibilities include: Mow, edge, trim, and aerate lawns. Plant, Weed and water flowerbeds. Assist with pruning duties. Snow and ice removal by hand and with motorized equipment. Litter and leaf removal. Routine maintenance of grounds keeping equipment. Moving of bleachers or picnic tables Other duties as assigned. Requirements: High school diploma or GED. Valid Michigan driver’s license with satisfactory driving record. Minimum of one-year experience in grounds maintenance and the operation of mechanized equipment preferred. Good mechanical aptitude/abilities. There are several part-time positions available.

Skilled HVAC Technician

This position is primarily responsible for the safe, comfortable and economical operation of the Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (H.V.A.C.), and plumbing systems throughout CEC and for the installation and maintenance of mechanical equipment. Responsibilities include: Maintains boilers and related equipment. Prepares all boilers for summer inspection and accompanies an inspector on her/his rounds. Maintains plumbing for heating and cooling related equipment, including that associated with the hot water system, campus fountains, and the water wheel. Maintains ventilation and air conditioning systems. Maintains and repairs irrigation system (including water lines) controls back flow prevention equipment. Performs routine safety checks on all H.V.A.C. and plumbing equipment; repairs or replaces as necessary. Requirements: High school diploma or GED; two years of college is preferred. Valid Michigan driver’s license with satisfactory driving record. Four years experience in mechanical, plumbing, heating, or related technical area. Must possess Low Pressure Boiler License. Ability to obtain Asbestos Abatement Certificate. Must possess CFC (Refrigerant) Reclaiming License. Michigan Mechanical Contractors License in applicable classification(s) preferred.