President’s Letter

Fall 2019

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Dear Cranbrook Friends and Family,

Classes have started, the buses are running, and the 2019-2020 academic year is officially underway. Welcome to all, especially to the Class of 2020 as they enter their final year at Cranbrook.

On Tuesday of this week I had the good fortune to start my day at Thornlea with the Brookside Dad’s Club. With this spirited group, I was reminded of the excitement of those first days of school and the wonders of Cranbrook that I, too, first discovered as a father. Thinking about the joyful traditions ahead of them, it was uplifting to see the next generation of parents and students who will propel Cranbrook forward. May they always Go Forth to Serve and Aim High!

During the summer months, Cranbrook was teaming with visitors and campers alike. Our grounds crews and capital projects staff were working hard on summer projects and readying the campus for the arrival of students and Museum visitors. From the Academy of Art to the Art Museum, the Schools and Horizons-Upward Bound to the Institute of Science, the Center for Collections and Research and Archives, to the House & Gardens, each of our programs is committed to the mission, vision, and core values of the Cranbrook Educational Community. At the start of each year, we collectively begin anew to challenge minds and transform lives of the next generation of learners, and throughout the year we will continue our efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of our Community.

With the beginning of this academic year, I hope you will take full advantage of the opportunities that abound across the entire Cranbrook campus. Take time to browse the Cranbrook websites and social media pages, or download our app, for special events and news from campus. There is a wide pool of Community events to choose from and I encourage you to dive right in.

As leaves begin to turn, the fall is particularly picturesque for a walk on the grounds, a stroll through the gardens, or simply to enjoy the peaceful sound of fountains and mirrored views on Kingswood Lake. I hope you will enjoy the fall bounty of opportunity at Cranbrook. Please know how grateful all of us at Cranbrook are for your support and, as always, I encourage you to contact me if you have questions or concerns about anything happening on campus.


Dominic A. DiMarco, President
Cranbrook Educational Community
248 645.3100

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